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Audiovisual, music and stage shows in our charming venue


But SILOS 19 is much more than a restaurant and taking advantage of the vividness of the space, we wanted to build a multifunctional venue and whose presence strongly influence in the culinary arts for a true gastronomic experience.
For this reason we have created different spaces that revolve around the central arch whose line of use of materials and own aesthetics of the restaurant we have supported and reinforced with more modern and high technology. Thus, through the “video mapping”, a visual technique in projecting images on a surface to achieve effects of motion or 3D, the central dome is a changing sky that will decorate us the pleasure of food.

A technique that resembles the more primitive art as did the first men, using the nooks and crannies of the rock to emphasize their artistic creations. After thousands were centuries of evolution, the video mapping projects images on buildings or spaces of these recreating optical illusions and giving volume and three-dimensionality to the projection surfaces, accompanied by Visual effects and sound. The other rooms are home to unique creations in the form of paintings, sculptures and drawings by Juan Sanders, who decorate with their art our moments of satisfaction in SILOS 19.

Juan Sanders

Raised in a small artist’s colony in central Spain (Medinaceli, Soria). Juan began his artistic studies at the age of six under the guidance of his parents, both artists.

In 1982 Juan moved to Atlanta Ga. (USA), to continue his studies, culminating at Jacksonville St. University, were he studied five years on a full football scholarship, achieving national honors as an athlete and as a scholar. In 1992 he earned a bachelor of fine arts with distinction. In 1994 Juan returned to Spain and established a studio in Tarifa (Cadiz), were he lived and worked for twelve years inmersed in the exploration of his passion: artistic expresion. During this period he completes over fourhundred pieces, mostly paintings, but also sculpures, constructions and instalations.

Seven collective exibitions, eighteen individual exibitions and nine paintings performend live, introducced the artist to several Spanish cities, contributing to collections in more than fifteen countries. In 2006 Juan settles close to Essaouira in the south of Morrocco, again searching for new sensations to explore.
In 2010 he moved to Facinas, near Tarifa, where he currently lives and works.

Juan comes from a diverse family not only racially and culturally, but also artistically.

Jill Cowie Sanders, the artists mother, is a British sculptor living in Spain since 1964. John R. Sanders, Juan’s father, is a painter of Afro-American and Cherokee origins, works the traditional techniques of oil painting. The cultural mixture that Juan has been exposed to, has given him a unique view of the world which is obvious in his work. From the variety of subjects that concern him, to the technique he has developed, where several forms of artistic expression co-exist comfortably.

Artists Note

I profounly belive that the creative process must be in consant movement. Therefore experimentation is basic part of my artistic growth. The process must be a guide not a rule.

Each person has his own expresion and his own story. Every story is important to the person telling it, therefore it asumes its own validity, and deserves to be heard. The worst mistake we can make is to disregard them simply because we don’t understand them or because they appear unconfortable.

The expresion of an artist is limited not only by his own talent and capability, but by the talent and capability of the one that hears his story.