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The Restaurant

When we stepped into the building for the first time and after being duly impressed by its walls and stones, it was completely clear that we would interfere as little as possible with it. The environment was revealed to us and spoke to us, indicating the need to create a space for meeting and the union between people of the world. Travelers coming from any remote corner.

The concept of “meeting” was born from the idea of projecting a large community and almost unique table as backbone of the restaurant along the main dome. It’s an element of weight and strength, both in its materials, hard woods, and in its concept of uniting people and generating links.

On it, you can taste a range of culinary delights where multiculturalism and different historical times intersect to give us delicious and creative dishes under a seal of quality products and respect for pure gastronomic tradition of the south of Spain.

The restaurant also has two more intimate rooms where you can enjoy our cuisine, as well as a tasting room where you can indulge in our wide selection of exquisite wines . Also in our comfortable bar, you can enjoy the venue or try a cocktail made with select, leading and famous brands.