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The number 19 of Silos Street houses through its thick walls the very essence of the history of Tarifa. The building dates back to the beginning of the 18th century and it later coincided with the increase in agricultural yields which determined that the council of the cathedral of Cadiz, proprietors of the bread bins and silos, decided to increase its storage space.

“SILOS 19” is a spacious venue that consists of three naves -at other times, for grain storage-, and it has arcades of giant order of arches decorated with bricks placed in stretcher and header bond, both abroad and in the soffit of the arch. The nave is covered by a large Vault that will be decisive in his new role.

Some of the arches rest on pillars of quadrangular section attached to the wall. The labeling of ornament bricks makes us think that we face the mudejar style, since both techniques and materials are typical of this movement.

The history of the building known as “SILOS 19” dates back at least to the year 1711, as reflected in an existing inscription. In 1770 it was part of the Invalids company integrated into the heritage of the military Government and then passed into the hands of the clergy who turned it into a grain store.

In 1855 the House, belonging to the council of the cathedral of Cadiz, was expropriated under the so-called “law of Mendizábal” which took over the assets of the Church at the end of the 18th century until the beginning of the 20th century. The State sold it to Matías Benítez Muñoz and after successive sales and inheritances, it continued with its role as a grain silo until 1953, when its then owners, the family García Pérez allocated it to housing and furniture store. It has been used as a school, post office and Telegraphs, Falange headquarters and other tasks.

The building would undergo a period of decline until during the 80s, totally remodeled, it became the nightclub Lances, and would return from there to undergo a transformation that until today did host an art gallery, home to a production of artwork a restaurant and several rooms. During this last period it joined as scenic space for the Festival of African Cinema in Tarifa.

The history of SILOS 19 is one parallel to the history of Tarifa and now we hope that it becomes part of your own history and that you frequently enjoy it. Thank you.