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The Project

The Project


From the beginning, the absolute protagonist of our project has been the building. Using it as inspiration, its history, extensive size, its attractive arches and the antique and noble materials that it has. Always imposing their presence and requiring a due respect.

With the interior design we wanted to create a place suitable for an environment such as Tarifa, where one can dine comfortably in privacy or in a group. We tried to integrate various environments, contrasting a modern design with the lines established by the existing materials, with the utmost respect for the environment and above all the comfort of our customers.

Art, inevitably linked to the history of our venue, was part of our project from the beginning. A giant wooden clockwork machine, managed by a control tower, designed and produced by hand, turns at the back of the main room, emphasizing the dome and is at the same time becoming the symbol and heart of Silos 19.

The main nave provides the most modern touch to the restaurant with a video mapping projection of one hundred and twenty square meters that illuminates and transforms the large central dome daily as if it was a dream.

The Silos 19 team has consisted of a large number of people, for them our most sincere gratitude.